Our service offerings in statistical technical analysis

Discover the details of our service offers. Beyond our standard services, we can offer you a range of personalized services according to your expectations or constraints. For all inquiries please contact us.

Our offers are limited to your needs.

Our services
weekly analysis

Personalization weekly analysis

On our weekly analysis, we offer a complement of analysis and personalization of the newsletter.
The personalization of our ticket can have several levels.

  • Complement of analysis
  • The customization of the weekly analysis bulletin can have several levels. It can be a simple complement with access to the long-term analysis or a total personalization of the newsletter.

  • Personalization of the newsletter
  • Personalization allows you to adapt our weekly newsletter to your needs by replacing our media with those of your choices (indices, stocks, currencies and bonds).
    The weekly analysis period can also be modified or complemented by a daily or monthly bulletin.

  • Daily follow-up
  • If a product is outside the scope of the weekly analysis, this option allows you to receive a fix during the week.

To enable us to offer you an adapted offer, describe your expectations.


suport resistance

Supports and resistances automatic

We propose a system of automatic displacement of supports and resistances which can have several uses
It identifies critical stress points, assists in the selection of strikes in the development of an option-based strategy, and can serve as limits for managing a derivatives portfolio.

Our support / resistance module is not the "Bollinger Band" system.
We can modify our algorithm to give you a range large or a narrowed breaking down the broad.
This system is adaptable to any support and any period (daily, weekly or monthly).

To offer you a personalized service, tell us your need.


Order graphics

Order graphics

Receive at the pace of your choice, the images files of our indicators or systems for commercial or personal use.

  • For commercial use
  • You are a company, a website or others and you want to be able to exploit at your convenience some of our indicators or systems.
    No problem, we can customize the names, periods and colors of our indicators on the products of your choice and this in all confidentiality.
    Updating and sending files can be daily, weekly or monthly.
    Your right to use the image files ordered is completely free.

  • For personal use
  • You want to receive our indicators or systems in the default format on the values of your choice, contact us.
    Updating and sending files can be daily, weekly or monthly.
    Your right to use the image files ordered is completely free.

For more details on this offer, do not hesitate to contact us.


SAR and S.T.A

Parabolic SAR and S.T.A

Receive the S.T.A and Critical Point of the Parabolic SAR for the next day's trading session with its trading system on the products you want.

Within minutes of the closing of the official market, receive the S.T.A in daily, weekly or monthly configuration and the critical point Parabolic SAR for the next trading day with its trading system on the products of your choice.
The SAR trading tool is reserved for market professionals.

  • Indicated price :
  • Monthly subscription
  • 12 € the S.T.A only or SAR by support.
    17 € S.T.A and SAR by support.

In order to offer a personalized service, tell us the names of the values and the period modes (D / W / M) you want