Automated alert systems

Our different automated alert systems are the result of operations generated by algorithms developed by us.
To these systems, we added the SAR Parabolic which gives you the "critical point" for the next day's trading.

The result of its different systems must be taken as additional information or reflection on the evolution of a trend.


The graphics of the STA and SAR Parabolic systems are updated daily between 9:30 / 11 pm GMT, except the Friday.

The daily alerts about a high probability of an "abrupt movement to come" and the upload of STA SAR graphics is announced on our Twitter account.

To receive at the closing the various alerts on the products of your choice, go to our page service offers.


Since the informations and alerts provided cannot be guaranteed, they do not constitute an offer or invitation to purchase or sell financial products. The informations and alerts provided are only a reflection and are published for information purposes, they do not replace the research to be carried out by the visitor himself about the financial products consulted.
The reproduction or redistribution of informations, analyses or image files from the site to others is prohibited except with the permission of the site administrators.